It’s almost the middle of January (crazyyyy) and that means we have about a month or so more of sweater weather here in LA. Actually, it might not even be that long… I’m hearing we’re about to get a “heat wave” soon. Fingers crossed!

BUT for my friends who don’t live in LA or Miami, there is still a good chunk of winter weather ahead (sorry, but it’s true) which means you can still rock the CUTEST sweaters for a little longer! And even better news? There are so many sales happening on winter gear right now, you can score some really good finds!

So I thought it would be an appropriate time to round up some of my favorite sweaters of the moment! And not your average, boring, or basic sweaters- I’m talking FUN, statement making sweaters. That’s what we all really need. I’ve seen so many adorable options lately, they had to be shared.

Here are my favs:

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I was on the fence about writing this post, honestly. I made notes in my phone of what I wanted to include, and then never actually sat down to write it because I kept talking myself out of it. Do people like to read these kinds of blogs? Would people be interested to hear my reflections of 2018 and my goals for 2019? I kept telling myself, probably not. But I woke up this morning at 8:00 and started looking at Instagram (a BAD habit I want to stop doing first thing in the morning… ugh) and I was watching Kathleen Barnes’ IG story and up popped her “Reflecting on 2018” blog post link and I swiped up.

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I’ve been hearing about bluelight blocking glasses for a while now, and I’m finally giving them a try! Bluelight blocking glasses are supposed to help fight fatigue, digital eye strain, and to help fight restfulness. Staring at a computer at night can lead to trouble sleeping, according to some studies. I found this report on that kind of disputes these glasses altogether, but I do think they’re helping. Combined with limiting my screen time in general, I think I’ll see a major difference.

I wear reading glasses, normally, but they definitely don’t have the light blocking capabilities that these do. Plus, who doesn’t like a cute new accessory?

I’ve partnered up with Vanlinker and they sent me two pairs from their line- style VL9001 and VL9007.

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I recently had the privilege to attend an event hosted by Sprint & Boost Mobile and they were showing us their new goodies and deals running for the holidays! It was so fun to play with new products and I even got some great gift ideas for some people in my life. Everyone has someone on their list that LOVES the tech stuff, right? Rob is ALWAYS excited to get new gear and gadgets- whether it’s a new TV, new speakers, an iPad, etc.

Maybe your Dad needs a new cell phone (anyone’s Dad still living in the stone ages with an outdated phone?? My Dad doesn’t even HAVE a cell phone… Yup). Or maybe you’re looking to get your kids a new tablet but aren’t looking to break the bank, or maybe you want to get your Mom a new Apple Watch! All are great ideas and would definitely bring a smile on Christmas morning.

The event also inspired me to put together a little gift guide for you (including some non-phone /tablet specific tech items that I think you might like) in case you’re looking for some inspiration too!

And bonus- with the payment plans and deals that Sprint & Boost are offering this season, there are super affordable ways to add some electronics under your tree.

Happy Shopping! XO

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This is the guide for your mom, your sister, your friend, your co-worker, your mother-in-law, whoever! There is something on this list for everyone, and at all price points! I know it can feel hard shopping for people sometimes, but I always try to hone in one thing I know about them. Do they like cooking? Do they like makeup and skin care? Are they vegan or use all natural products? Do they like to stay home and chill? Usually an easy go to gift is a candle and a bottle of wine, but these ideas will help you step it up a notch (I hope)!

Enjoy & happy shopping! XO

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The craziest shopping day of the year is here, you guys! I’m not always a huge Black Friday shopper, but I always like to at least be informed and to “window” shop… No harm in that, right? And let’s be honest, I usually end up buying things on a Christmas list I didn’t know I had. Ha!

So in an effort to be a good blogger, and an even better friend, I’m here to round up the best of the best Black Friday sales for you. There are some goodies happening this year that I don’t think you want to miss!

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