I’m going to a wedding in a few weeks in Palm Springs and I’ve been really struggling with what the heck to wear. Palm Springs is about 75-80 degrees during the day in December, but it actually does get cold at night (like 50’s). So as I’ve been searching for something CUTE, but also something I won’t freeze my ass off in, I thought it might be a good blog post! I can’t be the only one thinking about this, right?

Also, someone asked me recently if it’s OK to wear black to a wedding. I feel like the answer used to be a big fat HELL NO, but now, I don’t think that’s true. I’ve seen people wear black to a wedding. I think the connotation that black is a funeral color is outdated, and most people now consider black at a wedding to be classic and chic. When I showed Rob this dress, the first thing out of his mouth was “Black, really?”.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you wear black? If you’ve been a bride, did people wear black to your wedding? I’m really curious!

I found a few articles on the topic that I thought were interesting…




My exact dress is actually from Target. It’s from their WhoWhatWear collection and it’s SO cute! I love the lace details and that it’s midi length (but with a slit on the side). It’s super appropriate for a wedding, yet it’s not too revealing where I’m going to be freezing all night!

Another thing about black dresses, is that they leave so much room to play with accessories. I wore all black here, obviously, but you can easily do a fun earring or necklace to make a pop, or add a fun colored shoe!

Burgundy Velvet // Black & Nude // Red Bow Dress // Black & Nude Tube Dress // Black Gown // Sequin Dress //

One Shoulder // Cold Shoulder

Black Gown // Mermaid Gown // Ruffle Strapless // Lace Bodycon Dress // Green Gown // Long Sleeve Sequin // Velvet Halter // Red Dress 

Shop my earrings and necklace too!



XO, Ali

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