What’s trending? Faux Septum Piercings

I’m not one to live on the wild side, per say. I don’t have any tattoos, and the only piercings I have are my ears (just once!). Not that I haven’t thought about it, believe me I have, but I’m just not able to commit. What if the tattoo turns out hideous and I’m stuck with it forever? Will I like it when I’m 90 years old? What if the piercing gets infected? How bad will it hurt? So many thoughts…

That being said, I am completely on board with the emerging trend of faux septum piercings. Brilliant idea! I’ve always thought about a septum piercing, and have seen some bad ass girls rocking them well, but I would never have the guts to actually go through with a permanent hole in my nose. A faux piercing is great- you get the look, without the pain!

Stars like Rhianna, Jessica Biel, Zoe Kravitz, Lady Gaga and others have contributed to this trend and now retailers like Nasty Gal and Child of Wild have started selling various styles. I purchased mine from Nasty Gal (for only $12.00!!).



Rhianna went all out with her septum ring- and really though, what doesn’t look good on her? Jessica Biel is someone I would not expect to see with a septum. She strikes me as having fairly classic style, but this simple silver ring looks great with her minimalistic hair and makeup.


This image is from the Free People.com. Proof that this trend can translate into multiple styles- bohemian goddess, rocker chic, etc.


This look has a lot happening, but you get the idea! Ethnic goddess to a T.

septum-child of wild

This multi pack is available from Child of Wild, for $26.00. They also have other styles in various price points!

Nasty Gal ring

This is the ring I got from Nasty Gal

What do you think about this trend? Would you give it a try?

XO, Ali

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