Welp, missed last week’s “Weekly Reads” segment and we were only on week 2. GOSH! I’m the worst… Oh well, here’s to week 3! Will there be a week 4? Nobody knows…. haha. ANYWAYS. Like I promised, I’m going to start sharing some weekly reads that I find online- things that are news worthy, Pinterest worthy, gossip worthy, whatever. Just all around interesting.

Last week was a bit crazy- I survived my first week at my new job (more to come on that this week)! I managed to make dinner every single night last week, worked out twice, and ended the week with a girls night on Friday. It was perfect! Let’s hope this week is just as enjoyable, yeah? Hope you had a great weekend, and your week is off to a good start!

  1. An interesting article on 3 women and their extreme habits. The zero waste blogger got me- do you think you could ever live like that? Makes me rethink my personal environmental impact. Or the woman who ONLY wears the color Blue? What?
  2. Yes! Get it ladies… Why Men Quit and Women Don’t.
  3. This is awesome and is going to do so much good for our oceans.
  4. Did you hear that California is now the world’s 5th largest economy? Crazyyyyy!
  5. Converse x Miley Cyrus– didn’t see this collab coming, but it’s actually pretty cute! Go Miley!
  6. Have you seen the AMAZING dresses from the Met Gala? My jaw is still on the floor and I can’t pick a favorite look. Do you have one??
  7. Need a cake for a party, but don’t have much time? These tips and ideas on decorating a store bought cake are so cute!
  8. OK, I can’t STAND the Kardashians…did you see the name of Kim’s new lingerie line? Gross.
  9. Have you read your horoscope for the month of May? My fellow Leo’s, you’re gonna wanna read this!
  10. Rhianna’s makeup tutorial is everything. I love her even more after watching it! Have you seen it yet? If not, here you go, boo. 

K, that’s it for this week. Byeeeee! Hope the rest of your week is rad. Tune in next week to see if another one of these posts actually goes live, or if I drop the ball again. LOL. Time will tell…

XO, Ali

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