If you’re like me, you’re probably holding onto every last second of Summer. Luckily I live in LA where it stays pretty warm until pretty much the end of October, but still. There is something I’ve always loved about TRUE Summer. Going to the beach, having barbecues, pool parties, being able to wear dresses and shorts until midnight without freezing your ass off…all of it!

Another thing I love about Summer? The fun DRINKS! Nothing better than laying by the pool with a cold cocktail in your hand, am I right? I’m good with pretty much anything from beer, to vodka, lets be honest. However, I was feeling fancy today while Rob and I were hanging out at home so I decided to take our bottle of rosé we were drinking and kick it up a notch. We had a watermelon on the counter that was ready to be cut up, so I poured it all into a blender, added a splash of vodka, a little lime and it was delicious.

I made this up as I went along, and didn’t measure shit, but this is what I used in case you want to make one of yourself! They were SO GOOD and SO STRONG. Up to you if you want to add vodka, or not.

(This makes a little over two glasses)

*1/2 bottle of Rosé

*1/2 watermelon scooped out

*1 fresh lime (squeezed)

*1 shot of vodka

*Handful of ice cubes

*Add all ingredients to blender, blend on high, serve cold

*Add watermelon wedge and lime as pretty garnish

Do you have a favorite drink that you love to make during the Summer?

Better yet, what drinks do you like to make during the FALL? Let’s plan ahead… right?

XO, Ali



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