Without a doubt, the question I get asked the most is, “how did you grow your hair so long?”. Actually, most of the time it’s not a question it’s just “WOW, you have so much hair.” So I thought it was about time I put together a blog post on my tips and tricks to growing out and handling this crazy mane on a day to day basis. Ready?

Let me just start by saying that I grew up ALWAYS having short hair. I rocked a short bob and bangs until high school, okay? (Peep the photos below- eek) It was cool until like 10th grade and I decided, nah, time for a change. So I slowly started growing it out (the bangs had to go…), getting regular trims from my hair stylist (as they always suggest) and coloring it all sorts of colors. 

 I’ve been DARK brunette, I’ve been platinum Blonde, I’ve done purple highlights. I’ve honestly done it all. And I was straightening it every single day. OMG, so damaging. But that was the trend when I was in high school- everyone was obsessed with their CHI flat iron. I have naturally curly hair, that honestly has just gotten curlier with age, and I hated it. You always want what you can’t have, right?

But I realized in my early college years that coloring my hair all the time wasn’t helping it grow, and I wasn’t really able to find the time to keep getting it done. So slowly over time, I just stopped doing it as much and it really became a bi-annual thing. 

THEN I moved to California and honestly, was too broke to do anything to my hair. In Minnesota, I could get a cut and full color for $120.00. In LA, a cut and full color easily costs $350.00 for someone good. It’s INSANE, people! And I just can’t bring myself to shell out that kind of cash on my hair. I just don’t care that much, honestly- ha!

OK, so here are my tips:

  1. Limit styling– heat can KILL your hair. Using a blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron, etc are all so bad.
  2. Embrace your natural texture– honestly, my hair started really growing once I just let my curls be what they are. Plus, it saves SO much time!
  3. Get a good brush– a wet brush will SAVE your life, honey. I promise you. They cost like $5.00 and they make it a lot easier to brush through after the shower, especially if your hair tends to get tangled, like mine.
  4. Don’t wash everyday– I’m not sure if this is like a tried and true, hairstylist stamp of approval, type of tip, but I think it’s important. Train your hair to not need washing every single day. It’s good to keep the natural oils in your hair, and I think it helps to keep it healthy. I usually go 4-5 days between washes.
  5. Protect your hair– use a heat protectant when you’re going to blow dry, or curl, or straighten. VITAL!
  6. Bonus tip– be extra lazy like me, and never cut your hair, stop coloring it, and over all- stop giving a shit. HA! Just kidding… kind of.

Here are my favorite products that I use ON THE DAILY. I’ve also had my Conair curling iron since freaking college, it doesn’t appear to exist anywhere online other than Rite Aid and Walgreens. Whatevs. And I hope it never dies on me because I’ll cry. For real.

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