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It hit me the other day…. Summer is just about over (whatever that means to us here in LA) and I’m coming up on 5 months of “fun employment” after my layoff. WHOA. How is time going so fast? We’ve had a lot going on this summer between traveling, friends coming into town, weekends away, my 30th birthday blowout, etc, but seriously, how is it already September? I feel like I blinked in June, and here we are.

It also hit me the other day that I’m still trying to figure out what exactly WTF I’m doing with my life, etc. How has 5 months gone by and I still don’t have a “real” job? How is Worship Worthy not at the point I expected to be at in my head? What have I been doing? Eeeek! Scary feeling, you guys! Also, that “OMG I’m 30” landed on top of me, all at once. Shits getting real. 

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