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I’m not big into designer things, mainly because I can’t afford them but that’s beside the point… ha! I’ve always had the mindset about designer clothes and shoes that if I DID buy them, I’d be too worried about ruining them to actually USE them. You know what I mean? How shitty would it be to be wearing a nice pair of Louboutin shoes and they get spilled on or scuffed? I’d be SO sad to have spent a bunch of money and then have it be ruined.

BUT over the years, the one designer splurge that I think it’s reasonable to invest into is a good handbag. A good bag can last you YEARS if you take care of it right. And on the flip side, a cheap bag can last only a few months- the handles start to tear, the fabric can start to chip or whatever- it’s happened to all of us, right?

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