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I’m going to Stagecoach this year for the first time ever and I’m SO excited! I’m going with five girlfriends and it’s going to be the best. Fun fact- Country music is my favorite. There is something about it that just makes my soul happy. I can’t wait to be singing along to my favorite songs, drinking endless amounts of beer (yas!) and making memories with my babes!

Coachella is already underway, and although it’s not really something I want to ever go to, I like seeing everyones outfits. I get so much inspiration for the rest of the year! I feel like festival season is the new fashion week. I mean to be honest, I get more REAL LIFE outfit inspiration and trend direction from Coachella and Stagecoach then I do from high end designer or couture fashion. Anyone else? I’m more likely to wear denim shorts with fishnet tights this year than I am to wear a crazy over the top gown and a bird on my head or some shit. Right? I mean, you might be able to see that at Coachella too. Ha!

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