I tend to stay inside the lines, if you know what I mean. Anyone else? I mean, I have my ways of doing things: I like particular foods (and hate others), I only  do my hair about three different ways, I have a certain style I tend to lean to most- comfortability. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well no, but I think it’s good to sometimes push ourselves a little more. Pushing ourselves a little more than we want to can lead to awesome things.

Where I’m going with this is…. this outfit was a bit out of the norm for me. And honestly, before this shoot, I had NO idea what the hell to wear with this skirt. It was one of those pieces I had in my drawer foreverrrrrr. Don’t we all have those pieces? That you know one day is going to come in handy?

Well I stumbled across an Instagram photo of someone wearing a white skirt and a band t-shirt and that’s what sparked my inspiration, to be honest. It was 100% not original… haha.

Overall, this look is a little bit more edgy than I’m used to!

Tips to stepping outside of the box with your wardrobe:

  1. Try on clothes you don’t necessarily love on the hanger. Whenever I go shopping with friends, my mom, Rob, whoever- I always have them try on something that they immediately say “NO” to. And this is of course when they’ve asked me to help them shop- obviously I don’t just butt my nose in where it’s not welcomed, ha. More often than not, that piece is going to look differently on your body than you think it will. Sometimes, it’s a pleasant surprise!
  2. Play with color and print combos. Sometimes the unexpected color pops are what you need to make an outfit. It also doesn’t hurt to try it on, right? See what it looks like. If your yellow top that you try on doesn’t quite look how you imagined with your pink pants, then whatever… take it off and put on something different. BUT, I can tell you first hand that I had some really cute outfits come from pairing random pieces from my closest together.
  3. Don’t follow the “rules”. You know those silly fashion rules that you hear about…. Don’t mix black with brown. Don’t wear white after labor day. No denim on denim. Some of these rules are important, like the “no socks with sandals” rule. I always break the brown and black rule (like I did in this outfit) and I definitely wear denim on denim sometimes. It’s all relative and it’s about how you rock it. Confidence is key, and if you feel good about it, then go for it.

Trust me, sometimes it’s worth it to give something new a try. Fashion is supposed to be fun, afterall, right?

Shop my look using the icons below!

T-Shirt: Missguided

Denim Jacket: H&M

Skirt: Bebe Stores

Necklace: Worship Worthy

Purse: Rebecca Minkoff

Shoes: Forever 21

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