I basically LIVE in jeans and t-shirts. It’s the easiest, no brainer outfit for everyday. Lucky for me (and all of us) t-shirts are not only comfortable, but they’re trendier more now than EVER! Which means, they’re pretty much appropriate for every occasion, right?! Haha, ok, not really, but you get it.

I feel like on top of it being a trend, you can use graphic t’s to share your personality, and essentially speak your mind. T-shirts can say what you want to say, you know what I mean?

This Ogimogi t-shirt is my spirit animal, if you will. Ha! I feel like “hangry” is a pretty standard emotion for me. Feed me regularly, and we’re all good. Once the hunger level cross from a 6 to a 7, it’s pretty much all over. I admit it.

Ogimogi has some other pretty spot-on t-shirts that can speak volumes for you. Spirit Animal is another personal fav, and for my puppy obsession… #puppylove.

Below are some other graphic tees that are TOO perfect!

Always HungryKinda Care, Kinda Don’t | Pour Decisions 

Need Space | Glitter not Bitter | Coffee & Chill

AND, don’t forget the accessories (wink wink)! We’re running our SPRING SALE over on Worship Worthy’s shop until tomorrow. Take 20% off site wide by using the code “SPRING17”!

In the photos above, I’m wearing the below necklaces that I LOVE to layer together.


XO, Ali

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