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OK guys, so it’s officially SPRING! It doesn’t feel like it at all (especially for my East Coast friends) but hopefully this weather is going to make a drastic turn around and warm up for us, finally! I’m really ready to put my sweaters away and swap out for some new, cute Spring and Summer friendly items. Plus, I’m really starting to miss my sandals, you know? I mean, boots are great but I have some cute shoes I’m ready to bust out from their boxes underneath my bed.

I put together a few of my favorite Spring items at the moment that I’m lusting after (and some that are already in my shopping cart- yay!). There are a lot of fun trends happening this year and I’m so on board!

A couple of my favorites you’ll see here:

*LAVENDER- I’m so into lavender and purple this year. I’ve been noticing it alot within accessories (maybe because I’m playing with accessories ALL day long) but I think it’s so fresh and honestly, looks good with basically every skin tone.

*DENIM SKIRTS- I posted about my love for denim skirts on my Instagram here, but wanted to reiterate that denim skirts are IN. My inner 90’s child is so happy right now. Pair your denim with sneakers for a casual look, and then take it a little fancier and add some strappy heels. CAN’T wait to rock some denim skirts this Summer- YES!

*YELLOW- OK, yellow isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (and it’s usually not mine) but this color is also popping up this year. I mean, I know yellow is a “Spring” color but I’m seeing this in lots of new shades and in different categories. Like shoes, for example. I don’t think I’ll be rocking too much yellow apparel this Spring, but I think a touch of this color in an accessory is important.

*DAINTY JEWELRY– I’m all about dainty necklaces that I can wear with every outfit. An understated statement, yeah?

*POLKA DOTS- Give me all the polka dots, in any form. UGH, I’m obsessed. I swear everytime I’ve gone shopping, or started to browse online, something polka dotted (is that right?) ends up in my damn cart…

What are some of your favorite trends for Spring? What are you into? What do you HATE? Give me all the deets!

XO, Ali

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