Lounge wear pants have been popping up as a trend for a while now, and I’ve decided to give ’em a try!

These babies were another Abercrombie & Fitch steal (and they’re still in stock and on SALE!). I was shocked to find so many cute things on their site- they’re definitely moving in a new direction. I like it!


These are under $30! I couldn’t really tell online, but when they arrived in the mail, they were actually a lot more like pajamas than I thought they’d be.

 I paired these with a black t-shirt that I knotted on the side to give a little more shape and definition. Lastly, added a boho vibe necklace and a top knot and I was out the door!

(Tip: these pants also look awesome with a vintage graphic t-shirt)



XO, Ali

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