Palm Springs mini vacay

Sunday night, Rob and I decided to jump in the car and head to Palm Springs. No reason, really. We just wanted to get away and relax before the long holiday weekend was over and work crept back in. I love these spur of the moment trips with my favorite guy; we always end up having the best time just the two of us, being dorks and exploring.

We booked a room at the Colony Palms Hotel in the heart of downtown Palm Springs and were SO pleased with our stay! When we got there (around 9:30 pm), they upgraded our room to a suite. So nice and unexpected!


The entire hotel has this Spanish/Mediterranean feel to it, that we loved! The archways are rounded, the floors are tile, the lobby area has these Moroccan style vases and candle holders, etc. Wonderfully relaxing vibe.


 In our upgraded room, we even had this cute striped fireplace and sitting area, plus one of the best mini bar situations we’ve ever seen.

We were starving, so we jumped online to see what was still open (pushing 10:00 at that point). Running out of options, we did happen to find a Mediterranean place still open and in walking distance. SOLD!

The name of the restaurant is Alicante and it was actually more of an Italian style place. Which was fine, but not what we thought we were walking into. We ordered a mix of tapas to start and then shared the Veal and Ricotta Meatballs. YUMMM!


After dinner, we wandered the streets a little bit looking for some excitement. Oddly (or not) enough, Palm Springs is pretty much a ghost town on Sunday nights at 11:30 pm. Not a problem… we found our way into a bar called BAR (really clever, guys) and had a drink. I’m pretty sure Rob had the most delicious bourbon drink of his life.

We had been to the Spa Resort Casino back in February for Valentines Day and had fun playing Black Jack. Every vacation needs a little gambling, right?! And surprise, surprise…all the people we didn’t see out at dinner or the bars were hiding out play slots or roulette!



Rob made away from video Black Jack with +$20.00. Whoo hoo!!



Another thing about the Colony Palms Hotel? Their pool is 24 hours! How many places do that nowadays? Not many…

So naturally, we had to take a night time swim before heading to bed. We were the only ones awake and it was so incredibly peaceful.




In the morning, we actually got to see what the property looks like. How cute is our little bungalow??

image (6)

image (1)

Mimosas, an omlete and yogurt with fresh berries, poolside = perfection

The rest of the day was spent in or around the pool (mostly IN because it was way too hot to be out for more than a little while).

image (2)


I admit, there were a few mishaps… I slipped/jumped and fell on my knee in front of everyone at the pool (Rob said it was the first time he’s seen me do the splits, ha!). My phone also managed to fly from my towel, into the pool, before I could blink. Fully submerged. I jumped in to grab it faster than I thought I was capable of, and Rob started drying it off immediately. The hotel restaurant was also kind enough to give us a bucket full of rice so we could let my phone sit in it all day (and night). Apparently lots of people drop their phones in the pool in Palm Springs and they just keep rice on hand? Either that, or they saw how sad I was…

Needless to say, that was pretty much the end of my photo taking for the day. Luckily enough, however, my phone sat in rice for almost 48 hours and miraculously still works. 100% perfect condition (as far as I can tell). Amazing!

I hope you had a fantastic 4th of July weekend, whatever your plans were! What’s the next big holiday? Labor day? Seems so far away….

XO, Ali

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