Ok, is it just me, or are you also seeing straw bags pop up EVERYWHERE lately? I’m not kidding, every blogger, every brand, has their version (or multiple).

At first, I wasn’t SUPER into it. But I have to admit, it’s growing on me.

So because the trend seems to be exploding in front of our faces, I thought I would round up some of my favorites out there right now.

(Similar to this post I made about off the shoulder tops for summer!)

Shall we get started with a little inspo?

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As I’m getting older, I’ve been more and more interested in reading and finding new books. My parents would be both SHOCKED and very pleased to hear that. I grew up around thousands of books, seriously. But am just now really getting into them.

I’ve really learned to love laying down in bed at night with a good book to relax. Much better than TV or scrolling through Instagram endlessly on my phone. Right?

I’ve been reading this book- ADD MORE ING TO YOUR LIFEย and I highly recommend! It’s been a great help and changing over my mindset to be much more positive. A great read! I even took it to Hawaii with me and read on the beach!

What’s next on my list? Read More!

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I’m VERY much a jeans and t-shirts kind of girl, but that doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE a reason to dress up a little. Who doesn’t?

I found this pleated Leithย brand wrap dress at Nordstrom and had to have it. It’s sweet with a little sass thanks to the plunging neckline. (wink, wink) Now, for someone who has more cleavage than I do (basically everyone, ha), this might be a little TOO much or a workplace environment, but so cute nonetheless.

This dress inspired me to hunt for some other sweet wrap dresses to add to my closet this Spring season, so I thought I’d share them with you.

AND they’re all under $100- YASSSS!!!

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Have you heard of Poshmark yet?

Poshmark is an marketplace app (and a website) where you can sell your gently used clothes, accessories, Kids, Mens, new makeup, etc. It’s awesome, and I’ve managed to make over $500 in last few months by following the simple steps below.

I know a lot of people that are looking to make some extra cash these days, and some that simply just want to clean out their closets and get rid of old stuff. Either way, I’ve been recommending Poshmark more and more lately so I thought it would be a good time to share my thoughts on how to succeed (from my experience).

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