I don’t know about you, but I’m often super skeptical of bloggers when they post about products they “love”. I mean, most of them were gifted the products and paid to promote them, right? I’m sure some of them loyally use the products they’re pushing, but you really just never know.

Instagram has become a favorite platform of mine to scope out and discover new brands and products. I think Glossier is one I first heard about on Instagram and I still have yet to try them! But what I’m sharing with you today, these are my ride or die products. The things I use every. damn. day. No lies, no gimmicks, no #ads. Nothin but pure, honest feedback my friend.

Let’s get into it, yeah?

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Guys, I have a confession. I’m obsessed with polka dots… In the last two weeks, I’ve purchased multiple items and there are no regrets. Though I have had to stop myself from wearing dots on back to back days! haha

At first, I was a little worried I wouldn’t quite know how to style these pants, but I stayed true to myself and kept it simple. A black top, white sneakers and a wide brim hat keep this style trendy, but it’s not too much. You know? I am curious how these pants would look with a band tee- I think that would be cute too, and a little grungier instead of hipster. What do you think?

I’d also like to state that I think these pants are a bit outside of the box for me, but I’m really into it. So much so that I also picked up a pair of striped culotte pants the other day (coming to the blog soon) and I still want MORE. They’re so freaking comfy and they make a statement with basically zero effort. Easy peasy, people.

How do you feel about the printed pant trend? Are you into it?

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I’m going to try and start putting together a blog post each week where I round up some of my favorite links as of lately- things you’ll want to pin, things you’ll want to curl up on the couch and read or things you’ll want to share on Facebook. Catch my drift? Hopefully this is a series that you’ll love as much as I do!

So here we go!

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You know what I love? When trends you once loved come back around and are cool again. I mean, it’s kind of true that everything old becomes new again, isn’t it? Just look around at what every retailer is carrying right now- it’s like we traveled back in time to the 90’s. Kind of awesome if you ask me!

One of my favorite trends for this spring is a denim mini skirt (bonus points if it’s distressed). I don’t know about you, but I had a couple denim skirts back when I was in middle school and high school that I loved. A denim skirt is such an easy piece to have in your closet.

For this outfit, I paired my skirt with a bright blue sweater because it was COLD. But in the summer, this skirt will be perfect with a white t-shirt or a tank top. Also…anything I can wear sneakers with is a win for me!

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