“You are your only limit.”

I started the New Year in Mexico and as soon as I got home on the 8th, I jumped directly into work mode at my new job at Torrid and have been going non stop ever since. I’ve been feeling super guilty for neglecting my blog, my shop, basically everything Worship Worthy. It can’t be just me who feels so overwhelmed trying to juggle it all, right?

Motivation has been lacking, as well as inspiration, creativity, a positive attitude and on and on. On top of just being SO busy with work, my Grandmother passed away on January 10th, which was the icing on an extra shitty week. I was so…. sad. In general, about everything, but especially my Grandmother.

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Tis the season to BE NICE PLEASE!

I can’t believe it’s Christmas already!! This month has flown by… this entire year, actually. I’ve been reminiscing on the past 12 months and have been trying to remember the whirl wind year this has been. I started the year working for one company, was laid off, had 6 months to work on Worship Worthy full time (amazingggggg) and now I’ve started a new adventure with another company.

And Worship Worthy has been growing and growing…. We had more sales in the shop this year than we had ever expected! I’m so thankful for the love and support from my friends and family for this blog, and my shop. I didn’t think it was possible, but here we are…

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I partnered with Ellie Active Wear a couple of months ago and I seriously fell in LOVE. Their beautiful rose gold & metallic subscription box is full of amazing goodies that are shipped directly to your door each month (you choose from either 3 pieces or 5 pieces). You get three pieces of clothing, or you get three pieces of clothing AND two accessories (like a shawl or jump rope). Honestly, the quality of all of the clothing that they have sent thus far has been really good. And comfortable! Who doesn’t need more workout gear, right? I mean, I sometimes just use mine as loungewear, but hey… who cares.

Another thing I love about the brand is that each month, the box has a different theme. They have a card included in each box that tells you what their vision was- the vibe, the feeling, etc. For December, the theme is “Movement”.ย  What gets you up in the morning, what gets you moving and feeling good. I think it’s such an awesome concept to incorporate!

<<If you read until the bottom, you might get a discount code! (wink, wink)>>

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We recently spent a weekend in Palm Springs for a friend’s wedding, and it was THE BEST! There is something about Palm Springs I really, really love. Rob and I have spent a lot of time in the desert and we talk all the time about wishing we could live there. Ahhhhh, maybe someday. It’s fun to dream, right? Also, weddings are SO fun and the one we went to was incredible and so sweet. We left that weekend with full hearts and slight hangovers…

Anyways, while we were there, I shot this look with Justin (my friend and photographer) and have been so excited to share it with you! I loved how these photos turned out. The mountains in Palm Springs make for a beautiful backdrop. I bought this dress from Nasty Gal on Black Friday (for 50% OFF, yay!) and it’s so easy.

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One of the best gift guides that I’ll be doing this year… FOR HER! Which basically means, gifts for ourselves. I mean, how do you get your Christmas shopping done without buying a ton of stuff that you “need” too? My list has grown like a mile long since I’ve started crossing people off of my list. Ahhhhh! I’m going to be broke by the time the holiday season is over, but hey… whatever.

So I put together some of my favorite things that I either already have (and LOVE) or are things that are on my own Christmas list. Below are links to each item, along with a little info on why you (errrr…. your loved ones…) need them!

Whether you’re shopping for your sister, your mom, your friends, Secret Santa, your co-workers, there are lots of options here at all price points. And I think it’s important when shopping for loved ones to really keep in mind what they are into. Is she a beauty fanatic? Does she need more home decor, like a candle? Or maybe a coffee table book is more her speed… Once you start thinking about the person and focus on what they are into, the present ideas start to overflow.

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I actually can’t believe that holiday party time is back again… I mean, how has it been a year since the LAST time we did this? BUT on the bright side, I’m really excited about all of the holiday treats, drinks and presents! Holiday parties are the perfect excuse to dress up and get fancy (or go the other direction completely and wear an ugly sweater…both are great). This year, I’m opting to be EXTRA at my holiday parties. I don’t want to wear the same red or black dress I’ve had in my closet for years. This season has so many cute trends going on that it’s pretty much impossible to not want to buy something new and amazing, right?

I found this velvet jumpsuit at Express and instantly fell in love. I mean, LOOK at it! Isn’t it a dream?? I think I was actually drooling when I picked it up and brought it to the dressing room. Simple, but also completely over the top, in my opinion, on top of being something I normally wouldn’t wear. But when else can you pull off a velvet jumpsuit with a super low v-neck? Just casually wear it to the office or to get groceries? Umm, no. Please don’t. But Christmas parties? ABSOLUTELY!

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