My style is seriously all over the place… it changes every single day, with my mood, you name it. My closet is full of a million different personalities (like everyone, duh…). Some days I’m super lady like and wearing a flowy dress and pink lipstick, and other days I want to wear the complete opposite and rock jeans and sweatshirt, not brush my hair at all or wear ANY makeup. It’s a life of extremes… ha!

I’ve never been able to answer the question “how would you describe your style?”. It’s SO hard! I asked my friends over on Instagram how they would answer that question, and honestly some of the answers were really good. I was impressed! I wouldn’t call myself “boho”, I wouldn’t say I’m “trendy”… Not that you should put yourself or your style into a box or categorize it, but I think it’s interesting. Some people have a definitive STYLE that they never waiver from, and others (like me…hi!) are going a million different directions.

One thing that’s filling my closet up more and more are bold, floral dresses. I just bought another one from Nasty Gal over Black Friday and I’m dying to get it in the mail!

I found this dress I’m wearing in these photos at Express, and instantly fell in love. It’s so gorgeous! Aren’t the details on the neckline so pretty? Plus, I love the pattern and that it’s not a super girly color. Because it’s black, it feels a little more edgy and tough…

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I feel like every year I struggle with what to buy the guys in my life. All of them! My boyfriend, my Dad, my brother…why are they so difficult? I mean, I try and get ahead of it each Christmas, but I always leave it until the last minute because I can’t figure out what to buy.

As women I feel like it’s easier to shop for us. Is that fair? I mean, you can get us pretty much anything and we’ll like it. But guys are so hard! Some of them wear jewelry, some don’t. Some are tech geeks, so it’s hard to buy them something new. You know what I mean…

Anyways, I’ve found over the years that it’s nice to mix it up. I’ll gift a piece of clothing that I think they’ll really like, along with something techy or kitschy that they might not buy themselves. That’s what we all want, right? Something unique that we wouldn’t just go to the mall and get any other time of the year.

If you’re like me, you’re probably trying to rack your brain for ideas for this year! And to try and help you out, I’ve pulled together some great gift ideas and all different price points! Plus, a lot of this stuff is on sale, which is obviously even better…Happy Shopping!

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If you know anything about me at all, you know I LOVE to be comfortable. If I could, I’d be in sweatpants or the equivalent every single day. BUT that’s not always acceptable, unfortunately.

I’m so happy that statement sweatshirts are a trend right now. You can find fun, trendy sweatshirts at every price point, and they’re not boring! It’s comfort meets fashion and it fits perfectly into my everyday style. Now I can wear sweatshirts without looking like a total slob kabob (like when I wear my ratty Iowa State University hoodie out running errands…).

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I’m going to a wedding in a few weeks in Palm Springs and I’ve been really struggling with what the heck to wear. Palm Springs is about 75-80 degrees during the day in December, but it actually does get cold at night (like 50’s). So as I’ve been searching for something CUTE, but also something I won’t freeze my ass off in, I thought it might be a good blog post! I can’t be the only one thinking about this, right?

Also, someone asked me recently if it’s OK to wear black to a wedding. I feel like the answer used to be a big fat HELL NO, but now, I don’t think that’s true. I’ve seen people wear black to a wedding. I think the connotation that black is a funeral color is outdated, and most people now consider black at a wedding to be classic and chic. When I showed Rob this dress, the first thing out of his mouth was “Black, really?”.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you wear black? If you’ve been a bride, did people wear black to your wedding? I’m really curious!

I found a few articles on the topic that I thought were interesting…




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In honor of the holidays, I decided to skip my Friday Weekend Deal’s post and give you another holiday guide instead! I figure with everyone starting to do their shopping, this guide might be more helpful.

We all know a few people (or at least one) that throw the BEST parties! They have the best set up, perfect food, the table settings and glasses are amazing, and on and on. I’m definitely NOT that person in my group of friends, but I have several girlfriends who are!

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It’s been about six months since I did a post like this, and since there are lots of new readers, followers, subscribers, etc, I thought it would be fun to round II! It’s actually kind of hard getting to 15 things, honestly… That’s kind of sad to admit, but here we go!

(If you want to read the first post, you can check that out here.)

  1. I HATE apples. I like apple juice, apple pie, apple spice, but I HATE eating raw apples. The sound biting into an apple and the sensation of biting into an apple, gives me the chills. It’s like nails on a chalkboard. I can’t stand it. And actually thinking about it is making the hair on my arms stand up. How WEIRD am I? Lol.
  2. I have severe ADD.  At any given moment, I’m thinking about 10 different things. For example, right now I am working on this blog post, I have a half written email open in another window, a Facebook post drafted in another, and currently shopping on a few sites. ALL AT THE SAME TIME that I’m writing this. OMG…Trying to get better at this!
  3. I eat green olives out of the jar, with a fork. It’s disgusting, but I do it all the time. SO good!
  4. My underwear is NEVER color coordinated. Never. I don’t even think I have matching sets. Am I alone here?
  5. I grew up swimming my whole life (competitively) and it’s my favorite thing to do. However, I don’t like the ocean, or lakes. I could swim in a pool ALL DAY, everyday.
  6. Beard’s were never something I liked on a guy, until I met Rob. And now I LOVE his beard. I get sad when he shaves it all the way off.
  7. I played ice hockey my freshman year of high school. Two of my friends and I thought it would be funny to try out (while everyone else was trying out for cheerleading) and we made it on the JV squad and I played for the year. It was so fun, but I was terrible. (Pic below for your laughing pleasure…)
  8. I don’t have any tattoos, and will never get one. But I LOVE them on other people!
  9. I’ve always loved school and learning. I was the weird kid who was SO READY for school to start back up after the summer.
  10. I have no rhythm. I can’t sing to save my life and I’m ALWAYS off beat. Rob makes fun of me all the time for this and I think it’s hilarious. I’ve tried to catch on, but it’s just not it me, so now I just rock it. I’ll definitely be the one dancing like a loser, or snapping my fingers COMPLETELY off beat to a song. It’s fine…
  11. And I think everything happens for a reason.
  12. Every time I go to the mall, I leave with a Wetzel’s Pretzel. Never fails, I can’t say no. It’s a guilty pleasure and I usually eat it in my car in the parking lot, in shame. Haha!
  13. Piggybacking on that, bagels are my favorite. And I can ALWAYS eat one, or two. Hardest part is that I try and stay away from cheese, but bagels are my weakness. YUMMMM!
  14. I’m not a sports fan, but if I start watching a game, I somehow end up getting really invested and involved…when I really don’t care who wins.
  15. I’m Norwegian, and a mix of English, Scottish, etc., but ever since high school people have always asked me if I have any Asian in me. Someone recently asked if I was part Korean.

BONUS: I hate avocado and cilantro. Like a deep, true hatred. I feel like I’m going to be burned at the stake for this one, but it’s true! I refuse to eat them both, on anything.

Hope you found these interesting (and hopefully funny)!

XO, Ali