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I’m a Midwest girl who moved to LA after earning a degree in Apparel Merchandising. I've always been obsessed with fashion, and through a ton of hard work, I'm proud to be the Head Jewelry Buyer at bebe. My other passion is art. I paint, draw and create things, like my string art project called StringHeart. This blog is my outlet for sharing my life, my passions and anything else that catches my eye and lives up to the name Worship Worthy. I hope you enjoy! - XO, Ali

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Have you heard of Poshmark yet?

Poshmark is an marketplace app (and a website) where you can sell your gently used clothes, accessories, Kids, Mens, new makeup, etc. It’s awesome, and I’ve managed to make over $500 in last few months by following the simple steps below.

I know a lot of people that are looking to make some extra cash these days, and some that simply just want to clean out their closets and get rid of old stuff. Either way, I’ve been recommending Poshmark more and more lately so I thought it would be a good time to share my thoughts on how to succeed (from my experience).

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There is something about ruffles on clothes that makes me feel like I’m 8 years old all over again, but at the same time, feeling super fresh for spring! Ruffles are a fun detail that have EXPLODED this year… on everything– tops, skirts, handbags…

I stumbled across this Zara top when I was in NYC a month ago and although I didn’t NEED it, I needed it… you know what I mean?

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I basically LIVE in jeans and t-shirts. It’s the easiest, no brainer outfit for everyday. Lucky for me (and all of us) t-shirts are not only comfortable, but they’re trendier more now than EVER! Which means, they’re pretty much appropriate for every occasion, right?! Haha, ok, not really, but you get it.

I feel like on top of it being a trend, you can use graphic t’s to share your personality, and essentially speak your mind. T-shirts can say what you want to say, you know what I mean?

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I’ve been vegan (vegan-ish from time to time, let’s be real…It’s so hard to give up cheese!) for over two years now and it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s not only made my body feel better than it used to (digestion is better, stomach aches are few and far between, energy is up, and on and on), but it’s also made such an impact on my skin. I swear, cutting cheese out of your diet MAJORLY clears up acne. Β Try it, you’ll thank me.

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Guys! My last post was all about Velvet and how it was my fav holiday trend. Well today, I’m sharing the NEXT hot trend that I am LOVING for holiday but will definitely be wearing into Spring.


Yup! Embroidered everythang…. pants, jackets, handbags, jewelry, shoes… Literally anything and everything is going to be embroidered come the Spring season. I’m not mad about it, and let me tell you why.


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