I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, and I feel like every time I log into Instagram I’m reminded of it again. Social media has been changing a lot recently (I mean, it’s really ever evolving and there are constant updates) and I’ve got SO many thoughts and feelings about it. Rob and I were talking about all of the various platform updates when we were driving back from Big Sur, and it solidified my feeling that I needed to make a post about it all.

I find it a little crazy that Instagram is trying to be more like Facebook, Facebook is trying to be more like YouTube, YouTube is trying to be more like Instagram, and Twitter is just hanging on for dear life… (kidding, ha!… kinda). They all used to be very separate platforms that you would use for different purposes. Now it’s so hard to figure out where to best spend your time, especially if you have a business that runs on social. Do you need to put more time into Facebook’s new story feature, or is Instagram sufficient? Do you need to be running a YouTube channel or is posting videos on Instagram and Facebook enough to obtain the traffic and views you want? SO MUCH TIME is being spent on ALL of these platforms and it’s kind of making me crazy.

I’ve personally been trying to double down on Instagram, and maintain a presence on Facebook. I wish I had time to put into both equally, and also had the time and desire to run a YouTube channel, but I don’t! And I don’t want to!

I’ve been trying to disconnect more and more on the weekends, put my phone down, and walk away. Enjoy the time with my friends. I don’t give a shit anymore if I lose 10 followers on Instagram… they’re all follow for follow bullshit accounts that I don’t want following me anyways (which is another thing annoying me, but I won’t get into that in this post). Good riddance. I just can’t let all of this consume my days and nights anymore.

The other thing that’s been bothering me, keeping on topic of Instagram (and all social media platforms in general, really), is how much COPYING and IMITATING that is going on. Literally, my feed is starting to look like the SAME thing over and over again. Content is not creative right now. Everyone is copying each other and just regurgitating the same content. It’s boring. I’m just going to say it…

Another hot topic- blogger presets. I understand that bloggers are running their own businesses and they have bills to pay, too. I get it. I understand the affiliate links and the LikeToKnowIt posts. Okay, cool. But I don’t understand the presets. Bloggers are essentially GIVING away their secrets, first of all, and second of all, it’s causing ALL of the fashion content to look the exact same! I can’t tell you how many photos I’m scrolling through on a daily basis that all have the same overly tanned/orange tinted tone. It’s kind of insane…

To me, presets are an easy answer. I know they can be great, and can help people who aren’t super skilled with photo editing, but they’re an easy button. And you’re not going to make it as far as the bloggers you look up to if you’re just copying their formula, content and branding. What’s going to win is setting yourself apart.

My unsolicited advice to everyone in the blogging world: play around with VSCO and Lightroom to find a filter YOU LIKE. Not what is necessarily “trending” on Instagram. You’re setting yourself up to blend in with the crowd. Your content may be great, and your outfit and photo may be amazing, but honestly, I’m likely to overlook it if the filter and tones look exactly the same as the other 50 photos on my feed. I’m drawn so much more to the people and the feeds that are DIFFERENT and creative. All of these presets are stifling creativity and I think they’re just making us all a little lazy, TBH.

Final thing, and I touched on this via my Insta stories, is the NORDSTROM sale (and sales in general, I guess). Every year when the anniversary sale pops up, I want to scream. Everyoneeeeee comes out of the woodworks to post about their picks from the sale, what you should buy, what they don’t like, what gifts they bought… blah blah blah. Look, I shop at Nordstrom all the time. I love it. But my issue with this whole thing is the INAUTHENTIC ways everyones goes about it. Bloggers are posting the same pieces, encouraging people to spend thousands of dollars on shit they don’t need because THEY make a commission from it, and in two weeks we’re going to see all of these girls posting the same damn outfits. Again, I know that’s their full time job (most of the people I’m talking about). But there is something really unsettling to me about it all. How much are those bloggers really buying/keeping/wearing in real life? Is it really a “deal” if a sweater was $250 and now it’s $150? Sorry, I’m still not interested. And again, it’s making everyone’s content THE DAMN SAME. It’s boring.

 In summary, and then I’ll get off my high horse and shut it, I think we should all:


*Post the content you want, with the filters YOU like. Fuck the “trends”.

*Interact with accounts you really LIKE. Spread more genuine love. 

*Speak up about social issues that matter to you. It’s YOUR feed. Stand up for what you feel is right. 

*Stop looking for the easy ways out. Train yourself, push yourself, educate yourself. 

*Share content and affiliate links YOU like and use. Not what’s trending. 

Ok, that’s it. Rant over. I feel better, and maybe a couple people will agree. And if not, I hope I didn’t offend you. This social media game we’re playing is weird. And navigating it all is hard. So I hope you’re OK with my honesty rant today. I promise you won’t find an abundance of these kinds of posts here- only when I’m really fired up! *wink wink*

XO, Ali

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