If you’ve followed Worship Worthy for a while, or know me at all, you know that working out has never been my favorite thing in the world. To be totally honest, I’ve HATED working out most of my life. I’ve always been thin, but I’ve never been FIT. There is a huge difference. And I really didn’t care until I hit my late 20’s, and things started to change.

We’re all friends here, and I’ll be candid when I tell you that when you pass 25, your body isn’t the same. I have the same metabolism that I always had, but things get saggy, cellulite appears where you never had it before, and other lovely things. SO RUDE, right?

As I accepted that I’m not a young 21 year old anymore, I decided that I needed to do SOMETHING to stay in shape. Working out once a week just wasn’t cutting it, and my “runs” were more “walks” than anything else. A friend of mine started working at a place called Platefit, and spoke so highly of it, I did a week long trial and found that I really liked it! I was shocked.

Platefit is a 27 minute workout class that is lead by an instructor, while you’re standing on a vibrating plate. It sounds weird, I know, but I left those classes feeling SO sore, and sweaty AF. It was amazing, and really sparked my interest in getting fit, and finding other workouts that I like. I ended up joining Platefit and going to classes 3-5 times per week.

Since Platefit, I’ve found that I like to do workouts at home, or go for a run or walk and mix in things like squats and lunges at the end. For me, classes tend to be hard because I don’t always feel up for it. My desire or motivation to workout kind of pops up out of the blue. And if I sign up for a class before I go to bed, I usually wake up and don’t want to go.

One of the best resources that I’ve found for at home workouts, that are 30 minutes and under, is Pinterest. You can find really, really good workout guides on Pinterest that don’t require equipment or anything else. Also, YouTube is a great place to find at home workouts. Rob and I did a 30 day yoga challenge at home, taught my a girl we found on YouTube. It was great!

My whole look in this post is from Ellie Active Wear and I seriously can’t say enough good things about this company. It’s a subscription service that sends you a box of workout clothes every month (a top, wrap and bottom), for $39 (or 5 pieces for $49) and the quality is so great! I was really surprised and super happy with the items they sent to me. I’ve teamed up with them to offer my friends 15% OFF! Enter code: WORSHIPWORTHY15 at checkout. 

Here are some of my favorites lately! Literally, so many good things on Pinterest. I’m constantly pinning new things, including workouts! Follow me here.

What are your favorite ways to work out? Or, ways to stay motivated? Share them with me! I need all the help I can get.

XO, Ali

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