The 90’s called and they want their trend back.

Just kidding, you can keep it. It’s pretty cool.


Chokers are the latest trend to DIE and then come back around. But that happens to ALL trends at some point, right? I mean, we’ve seen the 70’s come and go, the 80’s make a resurgence and now, the 90’s. It was only a matter of time, right?

Well, I’m completely OK with it. And a lot of other people are too, apparently.


Danielle Bernstein from the blog We Wore What, is probably the biggest supporter of this trend. Don’t believe me? Just take a peek at her Instagram. Girl has a seriously STRONG choker game!

This is a trend you can wear with ANY style: classic, edgy, boho, WHATEVER you want. That’s the best part, am I right?


You have Taylor Swift rocking Dannijo at Coachella.


Blank Itinerary in Child Of Wild.


Peace Love Shea wearing Dannijo


Sazan Hendrix in Forever 21.


Taylor Hill at Coachella (I think her necklace is Fallon) and Bella Thorne in Lili Claspe.

Because this trend has literally exploded, you can now find a million styles at any price point, any store, any brand. F21 is a great place to buy a choker if you’re not sure if this trend is for you, but want to give it a shot. They have styles for under $5.00!!

Another little hack- go to your nearest fabric store and buy 2 yards of ribbon, or cording, and use it as a wrap style like I do in the bottom photo. SUPER EASY! And it costs less than your last trip to Starbucks… If you want to get even more fancy, stop by Michaels and pick up some beads to add to the ends. Again, super easy and super cheap!

I’m going to have some REALLY cute styles available on my shop when it launches soon, so stay tuned!


What do you think of this trend? Have you tried it? Share with me your thoughts by commenting below!

XO, Ali

P.S. Did you know Worship Worthy now has a Facebook page? We just launched it and I’m so excited to finally have a destination just for WW content on the book. Follow along by “Liking” the page. I would love to hear what you think!

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