This is the guide for your mom, your sister, your friend, your co-worker, your mother-in-law, whoever! There is something on this list for everyone, and at all price points! I know it can feel hard shopping for people sometimes, but I always try to hone in one thing I know about them. Do they like cooking? Do they like makeup and skin care? Are they vegan or use all natural products? Do they like to stay home and chill? Usually an easy go to gift is a candle and a bottle of wine, but these ideas will help you step it up a notch (I hope)!

Enjoy & happy shopping! XO

ORIGINS– I literally love everything that Origins has in their line. It’s the best and I love the way their products make my skin feel. This set gives a little taste of their best stuff- I especially love the charcoal mask!

Salt Lamp- Salt lamps are great because they bring calming energy into a room. They’re a perfect calming addition to an office or bed room!

HoMedics Facial Wand- I’ve seen these things all over the internet and people are raving about them! Apparently it’s great to use when applying serums and moisturizers because the wand heats up and allows your pores to open up and really absorb the liquid. Sounds amazing, right? I’m dying to try it!

Goodnight Macaroon – I just stumbled on this

Sherpa Sneakers- how freakin’ cute are these? Pretty sure every girl needs a pair for the winter! They come in a dusty pink color, too!

Fleece Hoodie- I’ve seen versions of these hoodies literally everywhere, but I’m pretty sure this style was the OG (it’s got almost 1,000 reviews) and it’s currently on sale for under $50 (usually $80)!

Herbivore Self Love Kit– I’m a sucker for anything revolving around self love, of course, but I also love this brand. This would be the perfect gift for any woman in your life!

Initial Mug- Who doesn’t need an initial coffee mug for their collection? Perfect gift idea for co-workers!

Candles- I literally LOVE these candles (all candles, really) and these little mini trio’s are such a cute gift! Plus, their packaging is like a gift in itself.

Star Necklace- a cute delicate piece of jewelry is always a good idea for a Christmas gift!

Slippers- who doesn’t want a cozy pair of new slippers? I do!

Leopard Scarf- OMG, I don’t know if you should get this as a gift or just buy it for yourself but DAMN it’s cute! It’s a striped leopard print and its cozy AF. I’m getting one, and I don’t even wear scarves in Los Angeles. Do it.

OK, friends. There you have it! I hope this helped to knock some gifts off your list, or to give you some inspiration at the very least. Now I’ve gotta start checking some people of my own list… Happy shopping, and more importantly, Happy Holidays!

Xo, Ali

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