I think I say this every year, but aren’t guys the HARDEST to shop for? I swear, everything I think to get for Rob he’s either already bought it for himself, or would prefer to be involved in the purchase. You know you’ve got to make sure you buy the correct brand, size, color, blah blah. It’s especially hard when you get into the electronic world, right? A territory I think it’s best to just avoid unless you have supervision. Ha, kidding…

So I’ve put together some gifts I think guys would like (and even got Rob’s input and approval). From your boyfriend, to your Dad, to your brother, these will work for every guy in your life!

Happy Shopping! XO

Herschel Dufflebag Rob literally loves this brand and these bags are the best quality! Perfect for weekend getaways!

Ted Baker Watch- clean, classic and not too expensive. Pretty sure any guy would feel cool wearing this… am I right?

Stance Socks- I buy this brand of socks fro Rob literally every Christmas. They’re usually part of his stocking stuffer but they make a great gift, too! These come in great prints, Marvel characters, Disney, you name it. Easy peasy!

Chunky Thermal Sweater- love these shirts for guys! They’re so easy and typically fit every guys style. Can be worn as an undershirt, too, if needed! And you really can’t beat the price…

BOSE Headphones- I mean, I don’t know much about electronics, but I do know the Bose brand is good and this price is amazing! A good time to take advantage if you’ve been looking.

VANS Sneakers- You literally can’t go wrong with a pair of Vans. I’m pretty sure every guy on the planet owns a pair, and wouldn’t mind getting another!

Beard Oil- if your man is hairy like mine… I mean, bearded like mine…. then there is no need to buy him a razor! But beard oil is a great alternative and would make a great stocking stuffer!

Casual Boots- these are gentle on the budget, but are so cute! Perfect casual boot for the man in your life this winter.

KIEHL’S Gift Set- Ok, maybe your man wouldn’t put this on his list himself, but I know he wouldn’t be mad about receiving it! Kiehl’s is such a good brand, and let’s be honest, men don’t always pay as much attention to their skin as they could. And the bang for your buck here is pretty amazing!

Camo Joggers- these joggers are so cute and are acceptable for the house, or public. You’re welcome!

Digital Clock Radio- I love that this has a retro feel to it. I think it would be perfect for the man in your life, and would look great on a bookcase, end table, whatever!

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