Fun with bebe jewels- Kaley Cuoco

Sometimes at the bebe office, we get bored and start messing with the sparkly things- more often than not, they’re piled in various areas of my desk (Eeek!) We actually stole this idea from our in-house stylist, who did something similar on a photo of Rita Ora. She adorned her with our headband and some earrings- totally bebe-fied!

image (1)

So naturally, we had to make one or two of our own! We flipped through some magazines, pulled out some pictures and started to play around. Here is the outcome: Kaley Cuoco wearing our Lion Pendant & Tassel necklace and Faceted Stone Earrings!

But really…it would be pretty sweet if she was actually wearing these, right? (wink, wink)



Click the photos above to buy both styles online!

XO, Ali

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