I don’t know if you’ve seen this popping up EVERYWHERE yet, but I have! The newsboy hat trend is starting to explode and I think it’s SO cute. People are calling it a few different things- cabby hats, newsboy, cadet hat, etc. It’s all the same, and you can find versions at pretty much any price point.

So in today’s post I’m sharing you my look, along with some similar hats, as well as some of my favorite black turtlenecks!

Shooting this look was a struggle, I just have to tell you. This was the final look I shot on a morning in Venice, and even though it was before 10am, it was about 90 degrees. I was legitimately SWEATING my ass off. Realllly cute, right?

Newsboy Hats: here is the deal, not a lot of people THINK that they can pull them off, but the truth is, you totally can! I think the best way to work one of these hats is to keep your hair down (in my opinion). It helps to make it look a little more feminine, and less “boy”. You know what I mean?

Secondly, these hats look cute with SO many outfits. I’ve seen them paired with dresses, t-shirts & jeans, sweater, anything really. I’ve added some other blogger looks below so you can get some more inspiration!

So tell me, are you going to try one of these cute hats? Or are you not a fan? I’d love to know!

XO, Ali

P.S. I hope you had an amazing HALLOWEEN and have an even better weekend.

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