Hi guys! Oh lord, it’s been almost a month since my last blog post! Ahh! Things have been so crazy busy, I’ve barley had time to Instagram, shoot content or post on here. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to show off the NEW Ellie Activewear October collection I received, and also just fill you in on what’s going on & what’s coming up.

As you probably know already, I started a new job back in May as a Jewelry and Accessory buyer for Forever 21. Being a buyer has been my job for the last 7 years, so the change in companies was exciting but working full time was the norm. So it’s been about 6 months now, and I have to say, I’m super HAPPY! It’s been a long time since I’ve been content with where I’ve been, and honestly, things are just so good right now. I feel like all of the puzzle pieces have fallen into place for me, career wise.

Some days I start to get sad or come down on myself for the hours I’m putting into work, which takes away from other things (like this blog, Instagram, my shop) but to me, it feels like this is the right moment for me to lean into what’s feeling good. Not that my blog and Instagram don’t make me feel good, but I have been in a bit of a creative rut lately. PLUS, it’s hard to shoot photos when you work all week, get home and it’s DARK out by 6:30 and on the weekends I just want to have a life. Ya know? The juggle struggle is real- ha!

Coming up, our weekend are pretty packed. I’m going down to San Diego this coming weekend, we have a Halloween/Birthday party the next weekend (which we need costumes for… yikes), and then I’m head to NYC for work for a couple of days and then headed home to see my fam! I literally can’t wait for all of it, but mostly seeing my family. The homesick bug has been REAL lately. Sometimes you just need a good hug from your Mom & Dad and kisses from your dog- feel me?

OK, now onto this Ellie set. It’s ONE OF MY FAVS you guys! I love like to work out, but a girl can really only have so many leggings. Legit, my drawer BROKE on the bottom because it’s too heavy. It’s time to purge. This outfit is SO COZY and let’s be real, I LOVE to lounge. If I got to pick working out or lounging, you know what I’m going to choose.

We shot these photos in Palm Springs on the way home from that wedding we went to a two weeks ago now (dang, time flies) and we literally just pulled over onto the side of the road, hopped out and started snapping. We were so scared we were going to loose the sun that we were definitely trespassing on someone’s property. Whoops! Also, Rob is pretty jealous of these pants and honestly wants a pair for himself. Haha, maybe we can share?

If you’re looking to snag an Ellie box of your own, and have a workout outfit sent to your door once a month, use my code WORSHIPWORTHY15 for 15% off!

I’m not sure if your life has been as hectic as mine, but if it is I hope you’re hanging in there! I’m getting so excited for the Holidays (not financially, but emotionally). I’m finally decorated for Fall at home, and it’s feeling nice and cozy up in here. *TIP- add some scented pinecones to an assortment on your coffee table, and the whole room smells incredible*

Have a wonderful week, and thank you for reading!

Xo, Ali

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