My style is seriously all over the place… it changes every single day, with my mood, you name it. My closet is full of a million different personalities (like everyone, duh…). Some days I’m super lady like and wearing a flowy dress and pink lipstick, and other days I want to wear the complete opposite and rock jeans and sweatshirt, not brush my hair at all or wear ANY makeup. It’s a life of extremes… ha!

I’ve never been able to answer the question “how would you describe your style?”. It’s SO hard! I asked my friends over on Instagram how they would answer that question, and honestly some of the answers were really good. I was impressed! I wouldn’t call myself “boho”, I wouldn’t say I’m “trendy”… Not that you should put yourself or your style into a box or categorize it, but I think it’s interesting. Some people have a definitive STYLE that they never waiver from, and others (like me…hi!) are going a million different directions.

One thing that’s filling my closet up more and more are bold, floral dresses. I just bought another one from Nasty Gal over Black Friday and I’m dying to get it in the mail!

I found this dress I’m wearing in these photos at Express, and instantly fell in love. It’s so gorgeous! Aren’t the details on the neckline so pretty? Plus, I love the pattern and that it’s not a super girly color. Because it’s black, it feels a little more edgy and tough…

Best way to take a floral dress from super dressy, to a little more edgy? Just add boots and a leather jacket! Simplest way to change your look. I’m also planning on rocking this look with strappy stilettos and my hair up in a bun! A day time look, and a date night look- BAM!


Here is the dress I have coming from Nasty Gal that I’m obsessed with!
(Plus, they’re running a big sale site wide right now…)
XO, Ali

(Photos by Justin Cook)

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