I’m not big into designer things, mainly because I can’t afford them but that’s beside the point… ha! I’ve always had the mindset about designer clothes and shoes that if I DID buy them, I’d be too worried about ruining them to actually USE them. You know what I mean? How shitty would it be to be wearing a nice pair of Louboutin shoes and they get spilled on or scuffed? I’d be SO sad to have spent a bunch of money and then have it be ruined.

BUT over the years, the one designer splurge that I think it’s reasonable to invest into is a good handbag. A good bag can last you YEARS if you take care of it right. And on the flip side, a cheap bag can last only a few months- the handles start to tear, the fabric can start to chip or whatever- it’s happened to all of us, right?

At the moment, I have 5 designer bags in my collection (only 3 are shown here). The Gucci is my newest addition, and I loooooove her! <insert heart eyes emoji here>

My all time favorite designers are Chloe (#1 for lifeeeee), Rebecca Minkoff, Gucci, and YSL. Those brands are all very classic and are great investment choices if you’re looking to add a bag or two to your closet.

All of my bags have one thing in common- they are simple, clean, classic and all basic colors. I almost pulled the trigger on a fun pop color once, but then decided that it was more important to me to have something in my closet that would last me for years without going “out of style”. Black, Brown, Grey are all easyyyyy colors to match to outfits- no overthinking or planning required.

To me, a designer bag should be a few things:

*Classic color

*Solid print/fabric

*A shape that works for you- crossbody, boho, tote-  filling whatever need you have.

(I have all different shapes and sizes)

Here are the bags that I own, and literally LOVE.

Chloe Faye Bag || Rebecca Minkoff || Chloe Marcie Bag || Gucci Soho Bag

Other bags I love:


XO, Ali

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