If there is one thing I swear by, skin care wise, it’s face masks. My Sunday ritual is pampering myself with a face mask, after spending the day make up free! It’s such a refreshing way to spend the day, and to finish the night y doing something for ME. Self care is super important. We’ve got to take time for ourselves and focus on our skin!

I swear this is making me feel more like a 30 year old than anything else… Now that I’ve hit the big 3-0, skin care is more of a priority than it’s ever been. I wish I could go back in time and tell the 20-year-old me to get on board MUCH earlier!

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite brands and masks with you, in case you’re looking to add new ones to your collection. I’ve also included one or two in this mix that I haven’t tried, but are on my list to order ASAP!

  1. Origins Charcoal Mask– This mask is a tried and true. No matter how many other kinds I try, I always go back to this one. It leaves your skin seriously clean and feeling refreshed!
  2. Tula– From the reviews, this one sounds amazing. Definitely on my list to try!
  3. Glam Glow– Another amazing mask that I swear by! Random fact: years ago when this first came out, my roommate (at the time) and I really wanted to try it, but couldn’t affort to buy it on our own. So we went to Sephora together and split the cost of one tiny jar… it lasted us for months because we used so little of it each time in order to make it last. Haha!
  4. Sephora Mud Mask– I love all of the Sephora Collection masks, but this one is good if you’re looking for a detoxifying mask and a non-sheet style. Plus the price tag is easy on the wallet…
  5. Sephora Rose Mask– Of all of their sheet masks, this is my favorite one. It’s very refreshing and nourishing!
  6. Peter Thomas Roth Hangover Cure– My first experience with PTR was when I got a gift for Christmas with 7 mini tubes of different masks and by far, the cucumber was the BEST! If you’ve got tired, or “hungover” skin, it can seriously bring you back to life. LOVED it!
  7. Mario B– ummm, pretty sure there isn’t anything this brand makes that it’s amazing. Just sayin!
  8. Ayla Skin– I recently tried this for the first time after the brand sent me a free jar, and it’s honestly amazng. I’m not just saying that. It’s vegan, cruelty free and smells like roses and heaven combined! (Use my code “worshipworthy” at checkout for 10% off!)
  9. Kiels Overnight Mask– This one is great if you’re looking for intense moisture. When my skin is super dry, I put this on at night, and wash it off in the morning and it leaves my skin feeling baby soft. Miracle worker!!
  10. Egg Mask– Another budget friendly option that I swear by… cheap, easy and to the point. This one does exactly what it says it will!

What are your favorite masks? Or DIY masks? I’m always on the hunt for new ones!

XO, Ali

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