I’m excited to announce that our new WORTHY t-shirt is now AVAILABLE!! This is my FIRST SHIRT EVER and I’m so happy to share it with you! Super soft boyfriend fit, designed by yours truly and made entirely in Los Angeles!

This is taking my dream of a boutique to the next level. Having apparel as a part of the shop was always on my “list”, but I didn’t want to force it. The WORTHY shirt idea happened so naturally, and it feels amazing to share it with you now!

We just wrapped up our BIGGEST GIVEAWAY EVER and Samantha Shelley is going to be receiving a package from me worth over $100! She’s going go to be getting: the Nina necklace, 2 pairs of the Layla earrings (in gold and silver), a geometric metallic candle, and a Worthy shirt!!

When I started as an Assistant Buyer at Forever 21, I knew nothing about jewelry. But I did know that I wanted to be a buyer, and I wanted to be in fashion (and ultimately own a boutique). So I dove into jewelry head first, and made it my mission to be the best buyer I could. And with that drive, a passion for jewelry quickly emerged. I discovered that jewelry can have an amazing affect on a person. Jewelry can make you feel GOOD and it’s fun! Whether it’s high end or costume- it’s like a cherry on top.

From my love of jewelry, and my dream of owning my own boutique, the Worship Worthy shop was born. I was able to curate jewelry that I loved, and felt would make women feel happy as well.

With my passion for fashion, I also realized that I was on a journey of self love and self discovery, and I decided that I wanted to share my story. In recent years, as I struggled with knowing my worth and feeling good about myself, I thought about other women who were dealing with the same feelings. It became more and more apparent to me that in order to heal myself, I need to be more vocal (it’s gotta be better than staying silent, right?). I’ve personally found it so helpful to hear advice, read about, and receive self love support from other women, I figured that using my voice just might help someone else.

I’ve used Instagram, my blog and now my shop, as an outlet and to connect with other women who are also on the self love train. My goal is to continue to increase the dialog and to be super transparent with my ups and downs.

Worship Worthy was created from a love of jewelry, fashion and art, but it’s more than that. My mission is to empower women to pursue their dreams, to know their WORTH and to love themselves from within. Self love is SO important and I believe that if you surround yourself with powerful and impactful reminders of your self-worth, then you have no choice but to accept it as your truth. The journey is long and never ending, and I’m riding it right along with you.

I hope this Worthy shirt will be a reminder to those who wear it of their worth every single day. PutΒ it on and feel GOOD, girl. REMEMBER: Love starts from within. If you love yourself, imagine the outward effects you can have on the world around you. It’s not an easy journey, but I want every woman to FEEL it. We are all worthy.


XO, Ali

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