So, continuing on the mission of self love and growth, today I’m going to dive into FEAR and overcoming it.

I’ve been reading this book called “You Are A Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life” and I’m OBSESSED. I literally can’t put it down or say enough good things about it. Β It’s technically a self help book, but honestly it doesn’t feel like that to me. It’s full of stories and random tidbits from the author and she’s hysterical.

I’ve learned so much from reading this book and it’s truly been helpful to pull me out of my funk after losing my job. One of the things I have been working on is grabbing my life by the horns and making shit happen for myself. It’s easy to be negative, passive, and dismissive. But those things won’t lead you to a positive, happy life where dreams come true.

For the longest time, fear has just been a normal (and daily) part of my life. I think fear coincides with my anxiety (see that post here if you missed it). Fear can stifle you from so many things and it can really impact your life negatively. For me, there has been a fear of: being open and honest (putting yourself out there is scary y’all), starting a business (what if I fall on my face…), blogging, being 30 in 2 weeks and not being where I “imagined” I would be by now, and on and on.

One of the most helpful chapters in this book for me was when she touched on:

Stop telling yourself stories.Β The bad kind, anyways. Instead of the stories we tell ourselves that are negative and full of limiting beliefs, swap those stories for the ones full of hope and determination.

“You are the author of your own life- not your parents, not society, not your partner, not your friends, not the bullies who called you Fatzilla in junior high- and the sooner you decide to write yourself a better script, the sooner you get to live a more awesome life.”

If we keep telling ourselves things like “I can’t do ____”, “I suck at ____”, “I won’t succeed with ____” then that is what you’re going to eventually believe, my friend. So spin those negatives into positives. Why can’t you do all of the things you think you can’t? You’re standing in your own way. That was a huge realization for me!

“All you have to do is make the choice to let go of everything you’re so attached to that’s not serving you and manifest the reality that you want. Life is an illusion created by your perception, and it can be changed the moment you choose to change it.”

Through reading this book, and having time for myself post-corporate life, I’m finally letting go of the fear and just GOING for the things that I want. I’m done thinking that my dreams are silly, and comparing myself to others. We can ALL win, guys. There is room enough in this world for us all to succeed. For real.

Lead with your crotch. (This is the name of the chapter in the book, and doesn’t have anything to do with actual crotches, just an FYI). The author talks about her motto of “I just wanna see what I can get away with.” and how that takes the pressure off and is a reminder that life is a game. SO TRUE! Seriously, we have ONE life, right? So why not make the most of it and just push the envelope. Go after what you want and see what happens? Happiness is worth the risk if you ask me…

“There’s nothing as unstoppable as a freight train full of fuck-yeah.”

Taking some scary steps in my business recently I’m actually feeling more fearless. For example, reaching out to major bloggers to gift them some products from Worship Worthy is great to spread the word about my brand, but it’s new to me (and is terrifying). But I finally realized that there is no such thing as “perfect timing” and the worst thing someone can do is either not respond, or say no. And the best outcome: they say YES. And some have!! It’s crazy, and it feels incredible.

Put yourself out there. Good things can and WILL happen. Manifest that shit for yourself. Be persistent.

If you don’t, who will?

“The moment you have the audacity to start believing in the not-yet seen, your reality will begin to shift.”

Okay, so now let’s talk about this dress. Again, it was a bebe find before I left (and I don’t see it on the site anymore, UGH). But I’ve pulled together some other similar options that are SO cute, and at various price points. Plus, you can scroll through the images below to shop shoes and sunnies similar to mine.Β 

I LOVE this look. It’s definitely not something I’ll be wearing all of the time, but it’s so fun to play dress up once in a while. I would definitely wear this dress to an event or birthday party/baby shower.

XO, Ali

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