Zara is one of my all time favorite shops because not only do they have amazing trendy items (for cheap), but the quality is good, and their SALES are incredible! They run sales 3-4 times a year, and they’re really good, guys.

Their summer sale is happening now and I thought it would be fun to share the things I’m eyeing. Trying to keep myself from doing too much shopping (because I honestly don’t need anything else).

Need some sale shopping tips? I got you, girl!

Whenever I buy things on sale, I try and make sure that the items are still things I am going to want to wear for longer than the rest of the season. For example, I’m not interested in buying a ton of tank tops or super-summery dresses, unless I’m able to transition them into fall (since summer is already FLYING by).

Secondly, I try to buy things that aren’t too trendy. For example, the big poofy-ruffle-sleeve trend that has been going on for a while now is probably not something I’m going to be buying. How long will the trend continue at this point? In my opinion, if the styles are now on sale, it’s probably a matter of time before the trend is essentially “over” and I want to make I can get the most of whatever I end up buying.

Third, I only sale shop online. I hate going into a store that’s having a massive sale because the store usually looks like shit from everyone rummaging around and I can’t really find what I want. At a store like Zara, I know that for me, they fit pretty true to size, so I’m not really concerned about an item not fitting. More so just worried about it being as flattering as I had hoped.

I also always try to buy sale items from stores where I can return the items if they happen to not fit (or I don’t like them in person). A lot of stores have policies where sale items are final and can’t be returned. (Zara allows returns/exchanges for 30 days from the date of purchase- yessss!)

Soooooo… here are my personal Zara favorites from the sale happening NOW!


Asymmetric | Lace Up

Printed Maxi | Red RuffleΒ 


Denim Skirt | Polka Dot Pants

Starry Leggings | Embroidered Jeans


Polka Dots | Floral Top

Tank Top | Striped Body Suit


RaffiaΒ Backpack | Tote

Pizza Clutch | Metallic Backpack

Shoes (I’m obsessed with Zara shoes, BTW. I want them ALL):

Espadrilles | Sneakers

Gold Sandals | Blue MetallicΒ 

Orange Heels | Star Platforms

To recap my sale shopping tips:

  1. Zara sales are the shit (not really a tip, but it’s true)
  2. Buy things that you can wear into the next season. Things that can be layered, or that look cute with a jacket over it, too!
  3. Stay away from the super trendy items, as their probably on their way “out”. Buy the pieces you really love, and will wear! Sale shopping is dangerous- you want to buy everything simply because it’s on sale (at least I do!).
  4. Online sale shopping is easier, in my opinion. Shopping in stores overwhelms me because the stores are usually in disarray and it’s hard to find what you’re looking for.
  5. But make sure you are able to return sale items you buy online- sometimes sale items are final!


Hope you liked this post! I’d love to hear your comments on if you’d like to see more of this, as well as more tips on shopping, styling, etc. Leave a comment below with your feedback!

XO, Ali

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