WHOA! It’s been a whileeeeee since I’ve posted, and it feels really overdue for many reasons. You know when life just gets away from you? That’s where I’m at right now. How is it all of a sudden JULY? Seriously, this year is flying by.Β There are a lot of changes coming soon and I can’t wait to share them with all of you!

I get asked questions all the time about the name of my brand- “What does Worship Worthy mean?”, “Where did you come up with the name?”, and “Is it religious?” are the most popular. I feel like with all of the great things coming up, I wanted to share some insight on where this all started for me.


I came up with the name honestly, a little out of blue. I was brainstorming years ago when I was starting my blog and it just kind of came to me. I loved (and still love) the way it sounds, on top of what it symbolizes to me.Β The name does not have any sort of religious connotation. That wasn’t (and still isn’t) my intention, but if someone can relate to my brand/blog and within themselves want to connect it to religion or a religious feeling, then so be it!

The real meaning behind the name Worship Worthy is that I strongly believe that ALL women should FEEL incredible. The goal is to inspire women to be empowered, sexy, strong, and confident. We are WORTHYΒ of being worshiped! Worshiped by ourselves first, as well as others around us.

When I was younger, I severely lacked self-confidence. I felt very awkward in my skin for many years and never felt worthy, if you will. I had LOTS of terrible relationships, including friendships, that looking back on, had a huge impact on my life because I LET them happen. I didn’t have the confidence in myself, or a strong enough backbone to say NO or to fight back when things were shitty.

Then something clicked. I don’t really remember how, or when (I think it was when I graduated college and moved to Los Angeles…), but I decided I didn’t want to be a passive component in my OWN life. I need to find my voice, and my confidence. Is self love easy? Not for everyone, including myself. It takes work, and there are days that it’s harder than others, of course. But it’s SO important! I believe you have to learn to love yourself before all else. You deserve that. We all do.

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The Worship Worthy shop is coming along, slowly but surely, and I cannot wait to share it with you! You will see gorgeous jewelry, candles, and paintings. I’ll be sharing the launch date soon, as well as a fun giveaway we have planned. So stay tuned and submit your email address to keep updated when we launch!

Ahhhhh! It’s all becoming so real!

XO, Ali

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