Round two of my gifting guide and this one is all about the fellas in your life!

Is it just me, or are menΒ incredibly hard to shop for? It sounds easy, and then you REALLY try to start shopping and it’s impossible. Do you get them a new sweater, a book, a new wallet? I’ve compiled a few things that I’m pretty sure a guy would be more than happy to receive this year!


1. Ted Baker watch | 2. PlayStation 4 | 3. Ray Ban sunglasses | 4. Tie | 5.Β Striped Sweater | 6. Thug Kitchen | 7. Headphones | 8. A nice bottle of bourbon (or his alcohol of preference) | 9. Kenneth Cole boots

I know, a PlayStation 4 can be a pricey gift, but he would LOVE you for getting it for him. I know Rob would! My other favorite is the cookbook idea, because it gives you an opportunity to work together in the kitchen and have a little fun. And, a Thug Life cookbook sounds pretty damn funny, right?

Other ideas: a gift certificate for a day of golfing for him and a friend, a massage is always a good idea, or you could get him tickets to a concert or a show he’s been interested in going to- Live music is always a good idea! Trust me! I’ve used that as a gift plenty of times, and Rob has always been pumped! πŸ™‚

Happy Holidays!

P.S. Coming up next…. gifts for MOM! The one and only! Stay tuned…

XO, Ali

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