Things have been CRAZY busy lately and I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog a little bit (but not on purpose!). Though, I have been making more effort on growing my Instagram following!

At the beginning of the month, Rob challenged me to come up with a short list of goals that I wanted to complete or obtain before Nov 1st; personal or professional. It was a fun little exercise and one of my goals was to get my following on Instagram to 500 (it was at 400 Oct 1st). And guess what? I’ve hit my goal!

It might seem silly to some, and small or insignificant to others, but it feels really good to set a goal for yourself and work really hard to make it happen. This blog, Worship Worthy, is something I hold very close to my heart. In the next year, I really want to see it grow and I plan on doing whatever I can to make it happen. Maybe if I put that energy out into the world by posting it here, and speaking about it to others, it will happen. Can’t hurt, right? 😉



On another note, more fashion related–I love this jacket and top I scored from bebe. They’re both from a while back, but I think the jacket is still available in stores! This grey color is something different for me (I’m more of a black-leather-jacket kind of girl, ya know?) but I’m so happy with it’s ability to change up a look. The grey adds another dimension to an outfit, a lighter dimension, if you will.

And this top? I’m a sucker for a top that’s two things: covered (for the most part) and has some sparkly personality. The coverage means I can wear this to work and the sparkle eliminates the need for lots of accessories! EASY!


Burgundy is such a gorgeous Fall color, so I knew I had to have these booties when I found them on Windsor. And they were under $40! How could I not? Bad news? They’re sold out now, but I found two really cute pairs for under $50 here and here!

And if you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll know this bag has been on constant rotation for weeks! It’s currently sold out online, but I found a similar style here.


Since the jacket and top aren’t available on bebe.com anymore, I have found some similar styles:



2. Shop Bop (pricey, but CUTE!)

3. Forever 21


1. Nordstrom

2. Zara (Suedette and under $100!)

<<All photos shot by Sam Zachrich>>

XO, Ali

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